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MIYAVI TORTURE @8tvnitelive

last nite while doing my assignment I tweet at @8tvnitelive asking which Kpop groups will be aired for yesterday show..I were hoping that they gonna aired INFINITE CLAP..well part of it bcoz I fall in love with SungJong now..hehe..dunno why..but I keep falling for these cute/beautiful/looks-like-girl type of boy/men *coughmiyaviandheechulcough* 

 @8tvnitelive replied

so then I just randomly request for MIYAVI TORTURE MV since it just been released..and I dont think I've ever seen any Jrock artist aired on local Malaysian tv..much less Visual Kei what with their flamboyant outrageously colorful, here we've got me, a Malaysian co-MIYAVI trying to request for a Jrock artist which usually only have about 20% of chance being aired if compare to Kpop artist..

but the next thing I know they replied my tweets today and said that they're gonna aired it IF it win as favourite Jrock mv..other bands is An Cafe Miku new band, Lc5 with Loveless and Acid Black Cherry mv Re:Birth and that's when twitter came in handy..haha..coz I've been asking around like crazy esp to coMYV and my friends to vote for MIYAVI at 8tvnitelive..I think I've used around RM10-RM15 for the voting but it all was worth it coz watching TORTURE at local Malaysian tv is so unimaginable..haha~ it's like I'm watching him by my own eyes~ ^^ *bawling my eyes out when watching TORTURE on 8tvnitelive

lucky me~ ^^

MIYAVI, you're my everything~

so basically, as far as I can remember, MIYAVI is the 1st JRockers/Visual Kei solo artist to actually be aired right here in Malaysia by Malaysian local television (no, ASTRO is not counted plus they only aired Jpop anyway, not Jrock)

MIYAVI, real name Ishihara Takamasa come from mix parentage..his father is a second generation Zainichi Korean whose parents is from Jeju Island..while his mother is a Japanese..he was born on 14th Sept 1981 at Konohana-ki, Osaka but later on moved to Kawanishi in Hyogo Prefecture..his parents divorce when he were small..he also has a sister and he's close with his grandmother..he's famous for his facial piercing which he later discard when he got his daughter (yup, it's not good to hv thing at ur face, kids esp like to pull those thing u know~ ^^)

he's also known as MYV by his fans..this Virgo guy as an AB blood type (same as Heechul of Super Junior) and stand at 185cm thanks to his mix parentage with an exquisitely androgynous looks (plus his tendency to wear "unique" clothes just as Heechul~ ^^) he's fav color is Black, Pink and Silver..

among his guitar collection is Gibson J-45 (1956) / National Style-O / Rainsong JM1000 / YAMAHA FG-2500 (1971) Fender Bass6 (1959) / Taylor T-5 / Killer Flying-Y (original)/ Dragon fly 4 S.K.I.N (original) and the good thing is, HE DON'T SMOKE..and did I mention that he stated that "Heechul looks like him?"

he's stumble into Jrock world after a soccer injury left him unable to play despite he's having a talents init and then followed by the death of his close friend..from then he tried to get over it by learning about music instruments: guitars..he's act want to buy a bass guitar but end up buying a guitar (by mistake) and multi-effector using his own money when he's 15 ..

meevs during his Due le Quartz days~ 
ps: some of the pics maybe too graphics

at 18, after his graduated from high school he moved to Tokyo by only bringing his wallet and his (precious aka life) guitar and become the guitarist for Visual Kei band, Due le Quartz which is signed under PS Company and used Miyabi as his stage name (it's mean elegant, same as Miyavi)..even tho he's the youngest, he's in charge of composing, writing and arranging most of their songs..however the band disband and that when he started to re:birth as a solo singer/guitarist ---> Miyavi..

in April of the following year, he held his solo debut show at Shibuya May of the same year, he starred in the movie Oresama, and in October, he held his second show at Hibiya Gaidai Ongakudo. (The backing band included PATA from X-JAPAN, Maya from LUNA SEA, Luke Takamura from SEIKIMA II and Chirolyn.)..


his last indies album, Galyuu, was number one on the Oricon Indies October 2004, Miyavi made his major debut from Universal Music with Rock no Gyakushuu, which debuted at number ten on the Oricon Charts..he released his album MYV POPS, which included all seven of his top 10 hit singles..later on he traveled alone to Los Angeles to train and improved his skills

after returning to Japan, he formed the Kavki Boiz and released the single Sakihokoru Hana no you ni -Neo Vizualizm- and the mini album 7SAMURAI June of the same year, he participated in super group band, S.K.I.N with YOSHIKI from X-JAPAN, GACKT and SUGIZO (LUNA SEA), (they were all is known as living legends of Visual Kei/Jrock) holding a show in L.A..on May 14th 2008, he embarked on his first world tour THIZ IZ THE JAPANESE KABUKI ROCK TOUR 2008 traveling to playing 36 shows in 14 countries to fifteen hundred thousand people. Beginning with the US, the tour took him to Chile, Brazil, Germany, Holland, Spain, English, Sweden, Finland, France, Taiwan, Korea, China, and ended in a huge success with the grande finale in Tokyo

S.K.I.N pics spam~



S.K.I.N (from right; meevs, gackt, yoshiki, sugizo)

on February 14th, he announced his graduation from the PS Company, who he’d been with for 10 years and announced to the public that he's married to melody..he's 1st meet her when she's hosting a music show, J-Melo where he is the guest..their first daughter, Lovelie was born on 29th July 2009..and currently at this time she were pregnant with their second child.(and here I thought he is way too busy to be distracted??? =,=)

 meevs with Lovelie

shortly after, on April 8th, he began his own company, J-glam Inc..he announced his second world tour NEO TOKYO SAMURAI BLACK WORLD TOUR 2009 beginning in Tokyo in September and including countries he’d never been to before, such as Russia, Italy, Mexico and Argentina..however an injury left him unable to finished all the stop in his 2nd world tour, so the next year his continued his 2010 NEO TOKYO SAMURAI BLACK WORLD TOUR

in January 1, 2010, MIYAVI announced the signing to a new record label, EMI MUSIC JAPAN and changed the spelling of his name from “雅-miyavi-” to “雅-MIYAVI-.” (I think this must hv to do with all S.K.I.N members having their name in CAPSLOCK: YOSHIKI, GACKT, SUGIZO and now we have MIYAVI) when will ever they ever gonna released an album?? guess YOSHIKI to busy with SUGIZO after he ask the latter to join X JAPAN with him and the last thing I read, GACKT is still busy with his tour..something about Fried Chicken?? OoO

anyway, stop with all the emo(?)talks about meevs..
here comes SungJong pics spam~ XDDDDD

androgynous looks

still a freshie in Kpopers, just 17yo

cute boy is cute

hayyy, I'm Princess SungJong~

close up

k, dont ask me why he's wearing a skirt..kinda remind me of Visual Kei style~ ^^

again~ ^^

lol intimates

I dunno why, but I keep seeing this two together

do they have something??? =D

yup, I'm positive! *in my dream


cam-whore biatch =D

and lastly, INFINITE at Heechul YoungStreet

Heenim, I see where you put your hands 8DDDDDDD

 credits:miyavi info from masakarasu


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